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 For this project, you will need:

  • A stemmed wine glass of your choice or two

  • Powertex fabric hardener in Bronze or Black

  • Paints, varnish and paintbrush

  • Natural  fabrics such as lightweight cotton fabric t-shirting, muslin or stockinette

  • Lace or braid trim to circle the glass

  • Lightweight decorative embellishment of your choice.

  • Clingfilm, disposable gloves and  plastic bowl 



  • You will need to protect your work are with plastic before you start.
  • You should protect the areas of your glass you do not want Powertex on before you start.
  • Take a piece of cling film and fold into a square
  • Place the base of your glass into the centre and fold up just covering the edge of your base.
  • We will be placing Powertex fabric in the centre near the stem.
  • Then take a long piece of clingfilm and fold in half lengthways, then in half lengthways again.
  • Place this about an inch down from the top of the glass to provide a drinking area.  try and keep it on a horizontal line all around the glass.

The Base of the Goblet

  • Shake the Powertex well to mix it up and pour a small amount into a plastic bowl or plate.
  • Wearing gloves, and using a small piece of lightweight natural fabric such as muslin or stockinette, dip the fabric into the Powertex and gently massage the Powertex through all the fibres until the whole of the fabric is covered.
  • It should not be dripping wet or slimy, but should be starting to stick to your gloves and itself.
  • Place the fabric around the base of the stem, adding wrinkles and texture.

The Goblet Stem

  • Take a strip of t-shirt yarn or cotton fabric and dip into the Powertex
  • Carefully run Powertex through the fabric fibres, making sure to unfurl any edges and cover those.
  • Start with one end of the strip on top of the fabric on the base and wind the strip of fabric up the stem to the glass bowl. Making sure each rotation covers the previous layer.
  • Check that no gaps and glass is visible on the stem and base.
  • Optionally, use string, rope or braid and cover with Powertex and wind up the stem in the opposite direction to add detail and texture.


The Goblet Bowl

  •  Turn your goblet upside down on your work surface. It is easier to work if you are not fighting against gravity.
  • Your base and stem should remain in place if lightweight fabric was used. if it falls, just right the goblet  and press down and leave a few more minutes to dry off.
  • With a larger piece of lightweight fabric such as muslin, silk, stockinette or  t-shirting, dip into the Powertex and run through.
  • Drape the fabric around the bowl, making sure you attach it to the stem fabric and the place the other end just below the cling film edge at what will be the drinking top of the goblet.
  • Scrunch up excess fabric and create wrinkles and texture while adhering it to the glass.
  • Cut your lace, braid or trim to length for around the top of the goblet and dip in Powertex. Then lay on top of the previous fabric and just touch the edge of the clingfilm.
  • Any lightweight embellishments can be added to the bowl and/or base. Powertex all over and gently press into the wrinkles of the fabric. They may need to be held for a while to stick especially if they are metal embellishments. 
  • Leave to dry, preferable overnight.

Dry Brushing

  • Drop a small amount of water based varnish onto a mixing palette or plastic plate.
  • Dip the flat edges of the dry brush into the varnish.
  • Using powdered paint pigment or other paint,  then dip the brush into the paint pigment to pick up what sticks to the brush.
  • Mix into a creamy consistency on the pallette.
  • Wipe any excess paint off onto a paper towel.
  • Holding the paintbrush almost horizontal to the project, gently swipe the brush over the top of the project and let the tops of the wrinkles and textures pick the colour up.  Repeat as required.
  • Metallic colours are best left until the last highlight.
  • Remember to clean your brushes thoroughly in hot soapy water to remove any varnish.
  • Paint is dry immediately, but please leave the goblet for 3 days before using it with your favourite wine or gin.
  • The goblet can be gently rinsed under a running lukewarm tap and left to air dry.
  • Do NOT soak in water and do NOT place in a dishwasher.
  • Please leave the goblet for 3 days before using it with your favourite wine or gin.

  • The goblet can be gently rinsed under a running lukewarm tap and left to air dry.

  • Do NOT soak in water and do NOT  place in a dishwasher.

  • Why not make a selection for your guests.