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A playdate with friends!

A playdate with friends!

Don’t know about you but I don’t think there’s anything nicer than spending a miserable, damp day with fellow crafters creating some unique projects whilst nattering about everything under the sun!

Kim and I often have ‘development days’ where we look at creating pieces of art that are able to be delivered in a workshop (otherwise called ‘playing’) and we also have similar get-togethers with other Powertex Tutors. Today was just that…….

Kim had an appointment this morning so for a change I provided materials and equipment for us to make a little 4” X 4” accordion album. I’m keen to get people to actually get some of the many photos they have stored on various electronic devices printed and then put into albums. These memory albums can be shared and looked through with family and friends and actual verbal conversations entered into rather than individuals just silently sharing and liking these images in the ether!

Right, off my soapbox now!

We hadn’t been concentrating for long before the giggles set in and that just set the tone for the rest of the day! It’s lovely to share a creative space with like-minded people who don’t mind that you talk to yourself, you (very) occasionally get your words mixed up and can share embarrassing stories with.

When Kim was back from her appointment and fortified with coffee we started on our next project which was to be a canvas similar to my Asha canvas I created back in March just before lockdown. I love to see people put their own spin on an idea and then adapting a technique to create a unique piece of art.

The only times we were quiet were when we were either eating lunch (followed by some fab cakes brought in by Kim later in the afternoon) or concentrating! I swear you could actually hear the cogs turning……..

The photo shows three versions based on my original (middle, top) and I think they’re all FABULOUS – enunciated à la John Barrowman! The textures and colours really bring the canvases to life!

Thank you ladies for a brilliant day, wonderful company, some right laughs and all done whilst remaining socially distant!