About Us

Well the bits we can tell you on a public page!

Our Story

 Kim and Jane both left the  corporate world of NHS managers, Do Creative Workshops was formed as a partnership in May 2019  with dedicated workshop  at The BIS creative centre.   This fabulous building, previously Chicago Rock and originally the GPO sorting office, is home to a number of creative business and offers the ideal location to participate in collaborative events such as the Waterfront  and Wintertide Festivals.

Kim McKelvie

Kim McKelvie


Its really hard to call yourself an artist, even when you have sold your work and have work commissioned. I suppose it takes a while for the mindset to change.

 I have always been creative. Even as a child I loved entering and occasionally winning local arts and craft competitions. I think I was just 6 year old when I was first in the local newspaper with one of my creations.  At school I dreamed of becoming a designer, just any kind of designer!

I loved art classes, but as usual was told I needed to get a ‘proper’ job. Leaving school I was led down the technical route into computers eventually gaining a Masters in Information Technology.

For my sanity, I had to keep up my creativity as a hobby and turned to every craft available from sewing to paper crafts.  I even combine technology and creativity as I design printable card sheets  for  CraftsUPrint.com. 

I started scrapbooking when I inherited my grnadmothers photo album. I knew who most of the people where but future generations would not know their stories. In 1997, I opened an online scrapbooking store when scrapbooking was jsut getting started in the UK.  I had to import all the 12 x 12 papers from America.

I loved going to craft fairs and demonstrating to others how to use the products and developing new ideas for workshops.  I was trained as a demonstrator by some of the great and famous names in the business. Eventuality I closed up my business  in 2003 when I couldn’t compete with the large craft stores with their bulk buy discounts. Giving up my dream, I went back to the day job and sewing for a while, designing custom dance outfits and ballet tutus.

In 2017 I found Powertex at a local event and fell in love with the versatility of the products. I made up my mind there and then that this was what I needed to do to feed my creative mind which was being stifled by technology and work.

In June 2018, I gave up my corporate day job in the NHS to develop my art and finally fulfil my creative life. I love teaching people about the products and seeing them develop their own style and unique creations in my workshops.

Jane Harrison-Fawcett

Jane Harrison-Fawcett


I’ve always been into crafts since a very young age.  My Barbie and Tiny Tears were always dressed in hand-crafted fashions created by me, with help from my talented Mum, and these outfits were the envy of my friends!

Growing up with a Mum who was naturally creative being an upholsterer and seamstress, with the ability to turn her hand to anything, meant I enjoyed a very creative childhood and homelife.

I’ve always enjoyed knitting and sewing – especially when my daughter was younger.  I really discovered papercrafting, specifically scrapbooking, about 20 years ago when a colleague showed me a layout she had done following her holidays and I was hooked!  My enthusiasm for cutting, sticking and creating pieces of art soon branched out into card-making and then creating mini albums and memory books.

I soon began linking my research into our family tree that my Mum had started prior to her death in 2001 to creating layouts and mini books that chronicled the lives of my parents and their ancestors.  This soon expanded to documenting everyday life with the focus on my daughter.

After a visit to a craft show I enjoyed a number of workshops on art journalling at Art from the Heart in Harrogate which helped me through some emotionally challenging times and undoubtedly helped my regain my sanity.  This was when I began to understand how creative pastimes are really beneficial to your mental health and well-being.

Then my foray into mixed media really began.  I had always incorporated various ‘elements’ and different mediums into my card-making and scrapbooking so this seemed a natural progression.  My daughter was ‘surprised’ (or should that read ‘mortified’) to find a canvas, including a photo of her, displayed in our cloakroom!

​Following redundancy from the NHS and then a period of ill-health – which admittedly was a bit of a wake-up call – I spent a creative afternoon with a friend and former colleague, Kim, who introduced me to Powertex® and the seemingly limitless possibilities this product could present me with!

This was quickly followed up by attending a course to become a Certified Tutor allowing me to share and spread the creative possibilities throughout my local crafting community.

Less than a year later Kim and I formed Do Creative Workshops and are extremely lucky to have our studio located in the BIS in Whitby Street.


Our Mission

Our mission is to make art fun and affordable for all. Where possible re-inventing everyday objects and upcycling.

Everyone can be creative and with expert tutoring, students can leave with an item they can be proud to show off.

Our workshops are inclusive and supportive for all members of the community.

We do fun art not fine art!