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Can I buy Powertex to use at home?

Yes we have a range or sized Powertex from 5kg down to 100ml. perfect to suit whatever you are making.

Workshop times are not suitable. Can I book a date and time to suit me?

Yes you can contact us to arrange a date and time that suits you.  We only ask that the workshop runs for at least two people.  Many family groups book a specfic date and time for them to have workshop fun together.

Can I sell items I have made?

Yes, there is an Angel policy, you can sell handmade physical items made in our workshops and/or made using our instruction or kits. We only ask that you cite DoCreativeWorkshops as the inspiration for the product.

Do I only have to use ‘mixed media’ products with Powertex?

Powertex works with most recycled items. Try raiding an old jewelery box and junk drawer.  When they are all stuck down and covered with a powertex base they create a fabulous mixed media piece.


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