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So here we are again….. back in lockdown and staying at home to stay safe.

Kim and I hope you all managed to enjoy the Christmas festivities as best you could and now that we are into a new year with new vaccines available you are able to feel some positivity despite entering another lockdown!

I was lucky enough to receive plenty of crafting goodies and even some storage for my new craft room so I have been keeping myself busy creating lots of different projects. I also made some mini albums which I included with Christmas gifts but completely forgot to take any photos! I know, I’m rubbish….. I even made myself a mini and completed it with photos and it suddenly dawned on me that I tend to give away the majority of the albums I make! Do you find that many of your creative projects are destined for other people?

It was whilst I was doodling in my journal and colouring (that’s the photo….) that I suddenly thought about doing a post as I know we’ve been rather quiet. Kim’s been showing me up by demonstrating her baking talents (which I totally miss being able to taste test) alongside her creative genius and I thoroughly enjoyed her daily drawings throughout December so I thought I would share some of what I’ve been up to during January as we plod through Lockdown Part 3 – sounds like the title of a thriller…..

Although we have no date as yet for when we can start to run workshops again we still intend to offer a click and collect service so if you’re running short of supplies check out our shop and just let us know what you’re after and we’ll see how we can help.

Take care, stay safe and remain positive.

Jane and Kim