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This is gonna be a long one so grab a cuppa and a mince pie….

I know I’ve been rather quiet for a number of weeks, probably since just before Lockdown Mark II, but I have been busy. Admittedly very little crafting has been achieved….. but….. I have decorated two of my bedrooms!

I always promised myself that when my daughter left home I would move my craft room from the smallest of the bedrooms into what was her room (she picked the biggest bedroom when we original moved in). So, after remembering how much I hate painting ceilings and walls but love wallpapering, I now have two newly decorated rooms, complete with new carpets! Meanwhile, I had to accept that I’m definitely not as young as I try to kid myself….. I was knackered when I finished! I still need to finish faffing about putting stash and art work into their final places but I am happy with the result!

So, what’s been happening with Do Creative I hear you say???? Well, Kim was planning another adventure in their motorhome to enjoy some winter sunshine in Spain but literally a couple of days before they were due to depart we went into lockdown so their plans have been put on hold.

Kim has been creating some fabulous pieces of artwork in between cooking and sorting kitchen cupboards out (Martha Stewart eat your heart out!) and then she has been busy on the technology side putting our Powertex supplies in our online shop. She is doing a sterling job!

Our wonderful customers are still supporting us and placing orders and we’ve started to have enquiries about family workshops next year which is so encouraging! Past experience has taught us that attendance at planned workshops during December is very low due to Christmas preparations and also in January, when money always seems to be a bit on the short side for all of us after our festive spending, so we’ll be planning to put together some sort of schedule from February’ish. Of course this is dependent on the government restrictions at the time…….

We love it when customers get in touch and share what they’re up to! As crafters we all appreciate how being creative has a positive impact on our mental health and often seeing others’ creations sparks our inspiration.

On that note, I would like to share a WIP (that’s Work In Progress…) that one of our customers shared with us and is happy for us to share here. It seems very fitting as I’m hearing that lots of people have been putting up their decorations slightly early this year….. Becky also promised to share a photo of her fabulous Christmas tree when it’s all finished. Cannot wait to see the finished result – it will have fabulous colour and texture I’m sure!

If anyone else would like to share their projects please feel free to post photos on our FB page.

Stay safe x