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Well, what a week! We delivered four workshops in three days and it feels like how things were before COVID…..

We’re aware that we haven’t been able to offer children’s workshops where we had different events on the mornings and then on the afternoons as we provided last summer. The need to completely strip the studio and disinfect throughout meant that it just wasn’t achievable; especially as we would’ve needed to drastically reduce numbers we could accommodate. We will be offering some children’s workshops during the October break so if you’re interested please book early to avoid disappointment.

So this week we have guided individuals to create unique mixed media canvasses, provided some desirable residences in the form of repurposed teapots for fairy’s and also decorated journals! As the last workshop finished rather late last night I popped into the studio this morning to do a thorough tidy up and clean, as it was so warm, had the window open; and, would you believe it, there was a huge gust of wind (and I mean HUGE) that was strong enough to blow an empty wine bottle and 5 glasses off the window sill and blow over two albums sat on a unit some distance from the window! It was really bizarre! The strange thing was the only items to break were the glasses that were underneath the wine bottle… The Powertex remained intact but the glass shattered; the wine bottle was also intact! So, more sweeping and then hoovering to ensure all shards of glass were removed.

Anyway, we now have a lovely clean, disinfected studio all ready for next week! Just my apron and various towels now to be put through the washing machine…

I then visited a friend to drop off a present and card for her birthday and left my windows open as the car was rather warm…… needless to say the heavens opened and I the car seats got soaked. I originally thought there were only light splodges on the drivers’ side but by the time I reached home two minutes later my nether regions were somewhat damp….

I wonder if there will be a third mishap today, I really shouldn’t tempt fate!