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I don’t want anyone to get a shock so this post starts with a health warning…… BEWARE contents refers to Christmas (the dreaded ‘C’ word!)!!!

I tend to buy presents throughout the year when I see things that would be perfect for certain individuals and I love making Christmas cards (though I still haven’t found the missing 20 from last year….) as I do like to be prepared – especially as I don’t like shopping. Now, although I love the festive season but I don’t like it when the decorations are put up far too soon. I mean decorating your house in November just feels wrong to me! Anyway, each to their own, and I’m digressing as usual!

The reason I’m even mentioning Christmas (there’s only 150 days to go by the way) is that when we had some fellow Powertex Tutors for some creative play last week we started off the day with some papercrafting as Kim had an appointment before going on to create some fabulous canvases (which you’ve already seen). I decided to use some leftover scrapbooking papers by Maya Designs which had a distinctly vintage, festive flavour! I’ve just finished this little project and had a chuckle when I realised that the papers are from 2012! I bet I have some that are even older…… I just cannot bear to get rid of paper.

These mini albums are only 4” X 4” and have accordion pages but they can easily hold a dozen or so photos which is ideal to record a special celebration or an outing. I hope the others managed to finish their albums and would love to see the finished projects!